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part of the identity thief victim’s nails is barren. This is the story of how the family came from the mother suddenly lost her child single woman. Worse things could have happened.

Maria Kangaskortet, 26, euthanized her daughter Islaa late summer evening, when the phone rang. An unknown man called and told me that had kept contact with her since the spring, which imagined to be Maria.

During these contacts, the man had a crush on Mary, what she thought was a woman and tried frantically to organize a meeting. When it does not settle the ever despite several successful, the man realized that Mary’s name and images appeared on Facebook a completely different person.
”I was really shocked and scared. For me, playing a man told me that he thought that I was single and my children had died. ”

Honesty got a cheater busted

Kangaskortet called the police and told that someone might be posing as them in the internet. Maria also tried to look for the identity theft on Facebook, but this was blokannut him. Of the Friend’s profile for rather than converted. Indeed, the Internet appeared someone Marian name and images.
Contact Mary was taken by a man helped organize the evidence, including screenshots of the discussions that he had with the person you think is Mary, visited.

Kangaskortet studying interior architecture and at the same time keeps a blog, which was surprising benefits in resolving the case. ”I was told openly about my life in my blog. It helped finally to recognize the identity of the thief. Profile Vale and right blogs comparing to conclude that the other was the handiwork of an imposter. ”

Basic safety quaked

As a result of Identity Theft Mary’s fundamental security was shaken. Fear struck and he wondered even stopping blog. ”I knew the identity theft is possible, but I do not believe that it would own position. Fortunately, I received peer support from people who had experienced a similar and much worse. Many reported that their picture had been created false deittiprofiileja. Using your photos without permission was also very common. The worst were the stories of theft and misuse of credit. ”

After the incident, Maria has told the Internet less issues related to their child. Furthermore, I hedge my pictures better include the use of watermarks and putting a grid of smaller images. ”

Maria decided to tell the case in public. ”I wanted to communicate to a thief, I knew that what he has done. At the same time I wanted to tell you this openly, because identity theft is so regrettably common.

Always careful to the Internet

The thief can strike identity in a number of ways. ”For example, by means of an e-mail user name and password are a lot of identity theft,” says F-Secure security expert Mikael Albrecht.

According to Albrecht, airports, shops and cybercafes unprotected wireless networks associated with for many a threat. ”Typically, the criminals put their own fake base station up in a public place. The network name is often the same as the nearby store or coffee shop network. Valeverkostakin access to the internet, but all the data go through a criminal. ”

If a connection is not protected, accessible by a skilled criminal access to everything you do, what moves online. So, for example, to your passwords and username.

Identity Thief live your life

The identity thief does not necessarily have the technical know-how. One of the most typical ways to steal your wallet and human, for example, a driver’s license. Personal information can often be found among the debris of paper. Name, address, social security number and customer number is enough.

”After that, really, anyone can call, for example, agencies, and occur in the name of another person. Security here is very weak and, for example, the teasing is easy. Can put a cross, for example, electricity or telephone connection, ”says Albrecht.

”Kouvola recently revealed that appeared false identity she had been holding up giving birth in the name of another person.”

A stolen identity is made migration notifications, bought mobile phones and tablets. thousands of dollars of consumer credit has been taken of hire purchase, bought furniture and opened mobile phone subscriptions. Invoices go to the identity of the rightful owner.

Cover your back

F-Secure SAFE was created to protect you from the internet, because we want you to enjoy your life without unnecessary worries. F-Secure SAFE ensures that you can safely browse the internet, do online shopping, watch videos, listen to music and keep in contact with family. The award-winning data security to keep you and your loved ones safe from all devices, anywhere, anytime. Read more here

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